The following places have been copybotted and are being resold at the slurl link below :: Vive9, Dutch Touch, LAQ and Lelutka.

It is horrible to have your skins copybotted and resold at dirt cheap prices. A number of people have already went down to the store and filed tickets to support the designers, so if you want to help please tp to the store and file a ticket also. I know how hard it is to get linden to notice certain things, so its important to have the support of many to get this done.

Thank you!

(check out BluAbyss Denimore flickr for more details on the stolen Vive9 skin ::

click here for a tp to the copybot shop


Vive9 is offering 4 special pre-release versions of the soon to be Lulu skinline. There is 1 skin at each of the vive9 locations. Each skin is marked at only 300l! These skins will only be available untile Wednesday, February 10th. Location SLURLs below.

click here for Vive9 Mainstore

click here for Vive9 @ Sunny

click here for Vive9 @ Miami

click here for Vive9 @ The Black Market

Vive9 will reopen today at 4pm SLT time! Our newest release, Marianne will be available as well as a few new clothing items (Heritage skinny jeans & Cotton Tank Tops).

click here for vive9 mainstore teleport (will not open until 4pm SLT)!

click here for vive9 mainstore teleport!

Grace skins released!

There are 2 versions of the skin. Version 1 has 7 makeups and available in 3 tones. While version 2 has 10 makeups and available in 4 tones.

click here for vive9 mainstore teleport!

I added a lucky toilet (chair) to the vive9 mainstore. There is the oppurtunity to win 3 items at the moment ; demi skin, ruched sweater, or a jacki sweater. ❤ the little flush noise the toilet makes when someone wins lol

click here for vive9 mainstore teleport!

Vive9 is participating in this black 50l friday, offering a new makeup option to the upcoming Grace skinline. For this makeup and skinline i am greatly influenced by anime shows and art. I love all the little effects they do for crying and blushing and such, so i decided to do a sick/crying makeup i saw on a cute piece of artwork from a artist named miisu on 😀

Art link ::

click here for vive9 mainstore teleport!