:: Vive9 :: ReOpening!


Hello everyone! It has been a long run and lots of work, but i am happy to say that the reopening of the vive9 mainstore is set for this friday, November 13th (eek…) We have been working like crazy to get the brand new sim finished and ready for everyone, and i think you will all enjoy it πŸ˜€

I have some preview images of the sim below. Alongside the Vive9 mainstore there is the Oakleaf mainstore, DPT (Dirty Pretty Things) mainstore, and i was very happy to have Euni kira and her blog HQ join us also πŸ˜€

The sim has alot of cute, weird, random things on it lol and it has available lofts for housing purposes to whomever pleases to reside at the sim (for details contact nelly oakleaf).

I am also super excited to announce clothing at the vive9 mainstore! We only have a few pieces so far, but there for sure is more to come.

The sim will be having a preview opening this Thursday, November 12th for members of the Vive9 Updates group at 5pm SLT. Please join the group to have access πŸ˜€


One Response to “:: Vive9 :: ReOpening!”

  1. im so luvin vive9 skins they are great..especially the makeup and skin…keep it up

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