We released a new skin today; Abbey.

I’ve been working on Abbey for the longest time, and im so happy and proud to release her. She was modeled after the supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw, one of my favorite models. This new skins marks the beginning of a new line for vive9 skins from now on. Hopefully you all love and adore her as much as i do, i slaved over her for you all <33

She is available in 5 skintones;

Each skin has 2 packs to choose from.

One is a all naturals pack. It has 2 eyebrow options, teeth included, hairbase tattoo, also there are gloss and matte lip versions.

The other is a lipsticks pack. There are 5 lipstick colors with matte and lipgloss options. Hairbases included, teeth tattoo, and 2 eyebrow options as well. The lipstick pack comes in handy if you want to mix and match lipsticks with the new eyeshadow tattoos i released today as well.

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New makeup tattoos released, buy them seperately or fatpack and save L$$ ::

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Abbey is the next upcoming skin for vive9 and we have some previews for you all.

Check out the other skins available in the store as well; Danni, Tao & Iman.

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Vive9 is taking part in the zombie popcorn hunt which will start on Wednesday, December 1st. There are over 100 stores and every item is set for free, you just have to search for them of course!

More information coming soon.

zombie popcorn hunt

Hai everyone!

For those of you who paid attention to this blog, we thank you. Its been a long time since we’ve used it or made any updates. Since we reopened the store in September we have been slowly getting back into doing blogs and adverts and such. We will be updating this blog within the next few days and begin to post again. So stay tuned <33

In the meantime, you can view our flickrs and visit the new mainstore with the links below ::

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Joining the update group inworld for exclusive gifts and info directly:
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Coming soon to vive9; Abbey Skin
Muse - Abbey Lee Kershaw - High Fashion Model

Vive9 is closing in 2 weeks due to real life issues. Thank you everyone for being so supportive.

Im not sure when we will reopen the shop, but it will be somewhere in the future hopefully not too long from now.

Skins have been repriced to 250-400l per skin and fatpacks are as low as 1,000L. Get them while you can, they will be gone in 2 weeks.

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New Release at Vive9, Marianne II, Clevage Boost, Shapes!

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New Release at Vive9, Xian Boots!

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